22 Feb 17

The society’s Warship replica has been in DieselMikes workshop for an overhaul.  The bogies are finished ( all shafts were drilled, tapped and pegged so the taper locks can never slip again ), a rewire nearly complete (just a couple of chassis clips) and waiting for the new 24 volt horns to arrive. Mike decided to replace the 12v horns with 24v as it’s never a good idea to pull 12 volt off one battery as it causes an imbalance which leads to battery deterioration in series connected 24 volt systems.  Just the ammeter to fit when it arrives, body windows and detailing next and a good quality polish and it will be back at the park in time for April public running.   Looks like the job’s a good ‘un Mike!

Pics below show various aspects of the overhaul.

21 Feb 17

Some pics of the action at the park today. Top, JP fabricating a 5″ crossover panel ( and a pretty good job it is too), second pic shows Pete Kings track team making great progress in the field, third pic shows new member James Horrex making buffer stocks on the Myford and, lastly, Brian ‘Nipper’ Sayer renovating the 5″ Heritage raised track.

15 Feb 2017

Vandalism in our field.  Here, a park bench has been forcibly removed from its location and thrown over our hedge into the former tennis courts.  Only a few weeks before, a memorial bench had been uprooted and dumped in the lily pond.  The CCTV cameras in the park are switched off as part of the funding cuts from central government.  Looks like this sort of thing may become more prevalent as parks  revert to the no-go areas that they were in the 80’s and 90’s as budgets are cut. 🙁

10 Feb 17

 The Annual Little Locomotive Efficiency Competition (Little LEC) will be held at Guildford Model Engineering Society over the week-end of 24th and 25th June. This will be for 5″ and 3.5″ gauge locos on their raised track.  If you’d like to enter, please click here for further details and here for an entry form.

02 Feb 17

Southern Fed AGM, 11 March 2017 at Burton.  If any member would like to represent the NDSME, please contact he Chairman to organise. 

If delegates to the AGM require lunch and/or the tour of the venue, it/they must be pre-ordered by 24th February.

Full details are in the AGM Calling Pack and on the Southern Fed website.  Any problems, do not hesitate to contact Ivan Hurst direct, on +4.4 1252 510340