24 Oct 2017.

The society displayed at the Lowestoft Exhibition on 21/22 October, organised by Roger Montgomery to whom thanks are due.  Below are a few pics by Mike Fordham.

The society’s new banner had it’s first outing at LOWMEX

A rather nice engine by steamguywilly

Messrs Beeken and Fane ready for the opening of the show.  There will be more pics in the November eBulletin

15 Oct 17

Two pics by Mike Fordham of today’s members day.  Ken Bye, NDSME’s most senior member, standing by his walnut tree in the field and Richard Crook, with prototype model engineers headwear,  experimenting with his de-luxe 5″ driving trolley.  Not a great success it would seem as he reckoned he had never been so scared in places!  Something to do with centre of gravity apparently…

08 Oct 17

Some of the visiting locos that came on Children in Need Day…

The above three are all from the former Evergreens Railway, who are currently looking for a new site.

And two of our own….Pete Kings new 0-6-0 Sophie B and Mike Riches diesel Autotruck Tod