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27 December 19

It is announced that our member, John Peterson (aka JP), has passed away.  He had been diagnosed with a life-limiting condition in Feb this year.  He was a highly valued member of the Tuesday and Sunday groups and a former Chair of the society.

The memorial took place on Friday 17 January, at St Mary’s Church, Neweton Flotman.  This was followed by a celebration in the nearby village hall, with “plenty of alcohol” as specified by JP himself!  An obit will follow in due course

13 Nov 19

Today our brand new accessible carriage arrived from the manufacturer in Anglesey.  This will be comissioned into public service in Easter 2020.  In the meantime it will be fitted out and liveried.   It will be used for staff training after Christmas.  It is an impressive piece of kit, very heavy and with a dropped floor for a low CoG.  It can also be used to carry less ambulant visitors who are unable to use the sit-astride stock, besides carring prams anmd pushchairs.  Thanks are due to Mike Fordham who organised the fund-raising almost single handed, and also to the pop-up crew who raised funds too.  Pics below show the unloading team with the owner of Cromar White who delivered.


27 Oct 19

On Friday 25th Oct, ndsme exhibited at the Forum Science Week engineering day.  Thanks to the members who organised this, especially Andrew Burr who transported everything and Robert Bailey who gave metalworking demonstrations, and also to those who came along to the Forum to staff the stand too.  It is important the ndsme has a presence at days like this as here we are meeting the general public and not preaching to the already converted.


27 Oct 19

Some pictures from the very successful pop-up on Sunday 27th Oct, featuring a massive Santa Fe loco and a diesel double header!  Thanks to all the many members who came along to help.


20 Oct 19

Our newest driver, Charlie Riches, was presented with his Certificate of Competence today and took out his first passenger train.  Here he is congratulated by steam driver David Neale.  Charlie is the first driver to take the new standardised driving test at EP.  No longer will drivers pass with a simple circuit  with someone, there is now a standardised and objective set of criteria they must fulfil to demonstrate they are competent with public trains.


06 OCT 19

We were hit by dreadful weather on the 6th, which scuppered the day for Children in Need.  The previous Sunday had been a washout too.

Pics by Mike Riches



03 Oct 19

Changes to new member application procedure, approved as from 3 Oct 19

All persons wishing to join ndsme will now join as a Prospective Member for their first year at the fees specified.

Because the ndsme is a limited company it chooses to exercise discretion as to who is admitted to be a full member of the company.  Each new applicant joins first as a prospective member and after a minimum of 12 months satisfactory membership then the applicant may be considered for full member status.

During the prospective membership period, the applicant may take a full part in society activities and will be under ndsme insurance policies to so do.  They may also receive by email a prospective members ebulletin from time to time.  As a prospective member there is no entitlement to attend and vote at the company AGM or to stand for/be appointed to any formal position.  This will be awarded with full membership after a satisfactory prospective membership period.

06 Sep 19

A recent update to Firefox may have disabled some features of the website, esp downloads failing to open in a new tab (they will still download to yr downloads folder).  This may be resolved at some point in the future.  In the meantime try using a different browser if you experience problems.

15 Aug 19

AGM synopsis

The AGM was attended by 39  members which included 9 directors.  In formal business, the floor opted to pursue the less expensive option proposed for the new WC facilities, outlined by Richard Hendrick.  During the Q&A session the misappropriation of a locomotive by an unnamed former director was discussed and the floor indicated it was happy with the action taken by the committee.

For the first time, voting for committee was conducted by secret ballot and the following were elected: Richard Henderick, Barry Fane, Philip Moore, Peter King, Michael Riches, Mark Rhodes, Andrew Shirley and James Horrex.  James M Donell has agreed to remain as Company Secretary pro tempore and Chris Eve is to be the new Treasurer.


12 Aug 19


Important news re the AGM on Weds 14th.

Procedure will be slightly different this year, as we move toward a more democratic model of governance.

Following a request, Directors (“the Committee”) will be seated facing the floor so they may be easily identifiable and questioned

The AGM will be split into two sessions.  Firstly, the formal business of directors reports etc.  Then the meeting will adjourn to allow a Q&A session to take place.  When this is completed, the AGM will reconvene for the express purpose of voting by secret ballot.

When you arrive, you should register at the registration desk where you will also be issued with your unique ballot paper.  This paper should not be completed until the Q&A session is over.  Please bring a book, or something firm upon which to rest your paper when you fill it in.  If there is space we will set up a table for this purpose.  Pencils will be provided.

Your ballot paper will carry a serial number at the foot of the paper.  This will be detached by the teller when you hand your completed voting paper in.  Thus, your preference will remain totally anonymous.

Voting for committee members (directors) will be by secret ballot.  You will be asked to vote for or against each individual name.

Voting for approval of Company Secretary will be by secret ballot.  You will be able to vote for or against the candidate.  In the event the candidate is not approved, the existing Company Secretary can be asked to serve for a further year.  He has indicated he is willing to do this if asked.