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12 Sep 18

Some pics from Ashmanhaugh tonight, inc their signal panel

05 Sep 18

James Horrex has joined,  and Andrew Shirley has rejoined, the Council.

02 Sep 18

A successful day on the raised track despite the rival attractions of Thai food and “scantily clad dancers” at the nearby Thai festival.  But what was more remarkable was that, with the exception of the Shirleys and one other, the day was staffed entirely by new members that we have acquired in the last year or so.  Established members were conspicuous by their absence.  Looks like the raised track will experience a renaissance under the new Raised Track Group, co-ordinated by Pete and Allan.  Thanks are due to all those (some from afar) who attended.  Over the counter Santa ticket sales also commenced and the sales gazebo will be a regular feature during September and possibly beyond.

27 Aug 18

A new loco visits.


This is a replica of one of only three Class 70 electric locos (20001-20003).  The first two were built by the then SR in 1941.  This model, the third, was delayed by the war and was completed in 1948 under BR.  It is distinguished from its earlier sisters in that it has the typical Bullied 4SUB slab front, rather that the HAL style domed roof.  All three served with BR until 1968/9 when they were scrapped, none surviving into preservation.  We now only have models to remind us of this class.  More details on Wiki here and on the Southern Railway e-Group online here

16 Aug 18

A list of donations made by the Society in 2017-18 may be found here

9 Aug 2018

Following the AGM, there are a number of personnel changes.  Roger Montgomery and Barry Fane have stepped down from the Council (committee).  A debt of gratitude is owed by all for the work they have done in recent years.  Pete Ottley has joined the council and will be able to give particular emphasis to regrowth of the raised track.  Ambitious plans are being drawn up for a raised track rennaissance.

2 July 18

Some pics from the last 5″ day.  There is now a thriving group on the monthly raised track Saturday.  Contact Allan Shirlet for further details…

09 June 18

Some pics from the recent Maxitrak Day.  Who says you can’t have fun with only 5″!

22 April 18

The sun came out today, and so did the people.  In their hundreds!  A welcome sight after some really poor Sundays