Eaton Park Miniature Railway



UPDATE – 24 September 2020 – There will be no formal Sunday season this year.  Instead we will attempt to run pop-up trains on Sundays if and when we can.  We will only carry family groups who share a common dwelling and their bubbles and the lead member of each group is now required to leave contact details. Accomodation will be limited on these services so you may need to wait a little longer to board the train.  All passengers will be required to wear masks or face coverings (except for statutory exemptions), just like on the real thing.  A limited supply of face masks will be available for purchase at the ticket desk.  Only standard single fares will be available.  The exact fare should be tendered if possible..

Regular Sunday services for 2020  will run from Sunday 29th March  until early October (also see pop-up train days, below) [formal season currently suspended, see above]

Public trains will  operate every Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday until early October.  All trains operate on the Mainline ground level track from Parkside station with the exception of the first Sunday of the month in May-September which will be on the raised Heritage Track from Larch End station (nearest the rose garden).  In exceptional circumstances, Heritage Track days may be substituted by a Mainline service. [formal season currently suspended, see above]

Pop-up services  operate between 1230 and 1600, weather permitting  The last train  departs at 1600 prompt.   We  will do our best to run as advertised but please note that during foul weather service may be suspended or, as a last resort, abandoned.  Please also remember that we are all unpaid volunteers running trains in our spare time.  We enjoy doing this as much as you enjoy riding! We will endeavour to run Pop-up services at the times above, but they may vary.

From Easter Monday we will include an accessible carriage in our Mainline trains on Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays.  This carriage can convey wheelchair users,  accompanied prams/pushchairs, accompanied dogs (at staff discretion) and also people who are unable to ride on our existing “sit astride”carriages.  Please note that the Heritage Track is unable to accommodate the previously mentioned passengers. Please note that under COVID secure conditions, the accessible carriage will be in use wherever possible but cannot be guaranteed.

Child Fares for 2020 will be unchanged (since 2006!) at £1 for the Mainline and 50p for the Heritage Track.  Riding twice? – save time on the Mainline by buying a 2-trip ticket.  The former ticket-less system  changed in 2017 and  heritage or souvenir tickets are  issued.  Please obtain these from the booking office and retain for inspection on the train or at the station entrance.  You may wish to keep these for scrapbooks or journals or for possible promotions later in the season.  A used ticket bin is provided at the exit if you wish to dispose of your ticket thoughtfully.  We are currently trialling a £4 Rover ticket.  Enquire at the booking office on a Sunday about this. NB Please see above.  Also note that individual tickets are neither issued nor clipped.  A receipt wiil be given for total fares paid. Two-trip tickets are not available at present.

There may be several special charity days planned for 2021.  There may be a day for the EACH Nook Appeal and on August Bank Holiday Monday we may run trains to benefit the Lord Mayor’s Fund.  The final Sunday is the traditional day for Children in Need.  We  raised over £3.5k for charities last year.  We hope to repeat this in 2021. Please note all charity days have been cancelled for 2020

Services after early October.  It is hoped to run pop-up Sundays into October 2020 and beyond..

As with any railway, all tickets are issued subject to conditions.  A copy of the Conditions of Carriage may be found here

In addition, any relevant national or local Coronavirus Regulations in force at the time must be observed.


The Mainline (below) is the dual gauge (definition: “gauge” is the distance between the rails)  ground level track that opened in 2006.  Most of the trains you will see will be of the larger 7.25″ gauge.  This line is around 800m long and you will see much evidence of improvements since it was first opened. 

Click here to view some of the locos you may see.

The Heritage Track (below) is the raised level 5″ gauge track, parts of which date back to the 1960s. This was the only track until the Mainline opened in 2006.  Originally opened as a circular line, it was extended to it’s present form in the late 1970s.

Pop-up train days

What’s a pop-up?  A pop-up is not a part of the formal advertised season but, as its name implies, pops up at short notice subject to us having enough volunteers to operate safely, and also subject to the weather!   Typically these may happen on Fridays in the Easter and summer school holidays from the pop-up station near the wild flower beds or on odd Sundays outside the formal season, for example at half-terms. (these latter will operate from Parkside station)

Keep an eye on the Facebook pages of Friends of Eaton Park or Eaton Park Miniature Railway where pop-up days will be announced if they occur.

Parties and Group Visits

We welcome visits from organised groups or societies, and will do our best to accommodate you wherever possible.  Please make contact in good time by email to  Please note that on the first Sunday of each month there is limited capacity only on the Heritage Track.  Larger groups might wish to consider a day when the Mainline is in operation (see above)

If you are holding a birthday party in the park on a Sunday afternoon when we are running public services and would like to include rides on our trains as part of your celebrations, please contact us well in advance by email. We will do our best to assist you wherever possible. Please note though that at the moment we are unable to offer chartering a train for a large party, due to the social distancing regulations and limitations on size of groups in public places.

Santa Specials

These are cancelled for 2020

Join us! 

We are always seeking railway enthusiasts to help us run the popular railway in the park.  You don’t require any specific skills, just a willingness to learn and an eagerness to take part.  Jobs you could do include ticket inspection, platform attendent and, after training, guard.  Enquire at ther booking office on any train running day for further info.