Christmas 2018 - a few snaps

Steamers and happy elves!

Children in Need Day 2018

Some pics from our fundraiser on 30th Sept.

27 Aug. The Lord Mayor visits...

12 August - more steam than usual!

A busy day at the park saw three steamers plus the Class 66 loco operating on a nice weather day.

Fun on the raised track - Aug 2018

Sun 5th August saw visiting locos on the raised track and also some work on the Dyak loco

Richards new loco.

This is “Vulcan” Richard Wells  recently acquired Royal Scot class loco, seen here undergoing trials at EP with the assistance of James Horrex in July 2018

The Tuesday Gang at the Pond

Traction Engine Photographs

The work goes on at Eaton Park

Maxitrack visit 2011

Children in Need 2011

Track relaying winter 2011-2012

Children in Need (Pudsy Day) 2012

The NDSME ‘Children in Need’ event
for 2012 raised £1027.

New Years Day 2013

Exhibition at the Forum 2013

Tunnel Vision

The tunnel under construction and Easter Sunday 2013 and the tunnel is a great success.